Children's Christmas Plays


Our Christian themed Christmas Plays bring to life the true meaning of Christmas. For many children, participating in their church's Christmas program is a highlight of the season. We offer contemporary, relatable, children's Christmas plays that excite and engage not only the children performing them, but the audience watching as well. The plays are around 20 minutes in length, and are perfect for a Sunday worship service.

Nativity Story

It's time to set up the family nativity set but there's just one problem - the baby Jesus figurine is missing!

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One Small Star

God has a very important announcement to make, one that requires a heavenly sign, but who will it be?

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Snowbound Christmas

A miracle happens when a family is stuck in a snow drift on their way to Christmas Eve Service.

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A Christmas Journey

Two donkeys and their animals friends accompany Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

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A Night At The Inn

Is anyone would be willing to give up their room for a pregnant Mary and her husband, Joseph?

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The Royal Gift

A king and queen decree that every subject should bring them their best gifts for Christmas.

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The Mice of St. Nicholas

Three precocious mice break the church organ and fear that Christmas will be ruined.

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A Sign For All

Join the three wise men as they travel to Bethlehem in search of the meaning of the star.

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The Meaning of Xmas

A group of friends question the "X" in Xmas and search for the true meaning of Christmas.

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